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Our Program Offerings for the 2022-2023 School Year Include:

~Farm Programs and Nature-Based Academic Programs
at Bee & Thistle Farm in Enumclaw.

~Forest Programs
at Lions Camp & The Arboretum in Maple Valley.

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Farm Programs
at Bee & Thistle


28016 SE 440th St

Enumclaw, WA


Located in the heart of Enumclaw, our Farm Programs at Bee & Thistle serve families from Enumclaw, Bonney Lake, Buckley, Auburn, Maple Valley, Covington, Kent, and beyond.

Children who attend these programs can expect to spend at least 50% of their time outdoors, on an enjoyable, 5-acre farm. All of our animals are petting-zoo-friendly, and adore our company perhaps as much as we do theirs! The other 50% of your child's time will be spent in our barn studio, complete with areas for project work, a large play room, a cozy cooking-class kitchen with woodstove, and 2 finished bathrooms. Ratios are typically 1:6, with 1 mentor specifically assigned to each cohort, and up to 3 cohorts operating side-by side, for a maximum of 18 children at the farm at one time. Farm Programs run the length of the school year.

In the 2022-2023 school year, for Farm-Time Friendships:

Third Thursdays: a music specialist and art specialist will visit on the third Thursday of each month, except December and June when we have winter celebrations and graduation.

Fourth Fridays: field trips or guest speakers (alternating) will be scheduled on the fourth Friday of each month, except December and June when we have winter celebrations and graduation. In November, this will be moved to the third Friday.

Snacks are included, and will implement a garden-based curriculum that imparts farm-to-table wisdom and enjoyment.

Farm-Time Friendships

Wed, Thu, Fri Mornings

Ages 3-12

9:00am - 12:30pm


Sept - June


Monthly Tuition: $550

Felicity: A cohort lead by Ms. Haley, for ages 3-5​

Flutter: A cohort lead by Ms. Bindi, for ages 6-8

Frolic: A cohort lead by Ms. Erica, for ages 9-12

These 3 cohorts will each spend some time separately engaging in age-specific conversations and activities, with their dedicated Mentors. They will also spend plenty of time merged together, as one large, multi-age group. 

This program focuses on a different farm animal each month, and Questers have the opportunity to learn to care for the plants and animals on the farm. There is time for unstructured play with peers. Garden-based snacks are provided. Programs are enriched with music and art specialists, as well as guest speakers or field trips once per month. Additional child-lead, experiential activities provide opportunities to explore interests and build skills across a variety of areas. Ratios are 1:6, with a maximum of 18 Farm-Time Friends enrolled.

Farmers in Training



Ages 4-13



Sept - June


Monthly Tuition: $130

Earthworms: A cohort lead by Ms. Haley for ages 4-8

Mantises: A cohort for ages 9-13

This is a program specifically designed for Questers who want to focus one afternoon per week on learning the workings of a farm. There will be specialized instruction regarding plant and animal care, as well as other farm duties. Cohorts may split apart at times, or work together, depending on the specific activities involved. Children will have some time each week for unstructured interactions with their fellow Farmers in Training. Snacks will be served, and will incorporate garden to table experiences. Ratios are 1:6, with a maximum of 12 Farmers in Training enrolled.