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What's In A Name?

ashlar stonework sample 2.jpg

Ashlar, according to Wikipedia, is “finely dressed (cut, worked) stone, either an individual stone that has been worked until squared or the structure built of it. Ashlar is the finest stone masonry unit.”


At Ashlar, we pride ourselves on the quality of the “stonework” done by our Questers, with the help of our Mentors, and the community. Each stone is treasured as unique and valuable. Every stone is composed of its own special properties, serves its own purpose, and hones its shape in the way that is best for that stone alone. Together, all of our stones make up one marvelous masterpiece, with every stone fitting just perfectly in its own place, contributing to the big picture in it’s own special way.

Ashlar Lingo

The way we describe things changes the visual images we see in our minds. At Ashlar, we have found words that we believe give a more accurate description of our ways than what the more traditional words tend to mentally represent. We hope you enjoy Learning Our Lingo!

Instead of classrooms, we have STUDIOS.


Teacher-directed activities are called INVITATIONS.


Self-directed time and free-play is EXPLORATION.


Ashlar students are called QUESTERS.


We refer to our teachers as our MENTORS.

In place of core curriculum, we have GUIDEWORK.


We call individualized assignments GOALS.


Group assignments are our QUESTS.

The Ashlar Way is unlike the images summoned using traditional words. 

This approach needs a whole new language.

Wondering about our logo?

We're happy to explain what it symbolizes!

  • The pencil is a basic tool used to begin any creative endeavor.

  • The tree with a pencil trunk symbolizes nature-based learning, and the thinking and growing that comes along with a nurtured development.

  • There are 3 main parts of the trunk, because we nurture 3 parts of the child: Head, Heart, and Hands (or mind, body, soul).

  • The trunk that branches off into people represents a tightly connected community that allows individuals to shine in their own ways.

  • The 7 leaves stand for the 7 intelligence potentials, which we work to nurture: academic, social, emotional, physical, spiritual, creative, and artistic.

  • The light bulb shape represents the bright ideas and creativity that naturally come forth when our children's gifts are nurtured.

  • Green symbolizes healthy growth, and brown is as strong and reliable as the earth itself. We strive to be a reliable source of strength that promotes healthy growth in our children.

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