What's In A Name?

Have you noticed a theme? Ashlar and our studios are symbolically named. Here's more information, just for fun.

  • Ashlar, according to Wikipedia, is “finely dressed (cut, worked) stone, either an individual stone that has been worked until squared or the structure built of it. Ashlar is the finest stone masonry unit.” At Ashlar, we pride ourselves on the quality of the “stonework” done by our questers, with the help of our mentors, and the community. Each stone is treasured as unique and valuable. Every stone is composed of its own special properties, serves its own purpose, and hones its shape in the way that is best for that stone alone. Together, all of our stones make up one marvelous masterpiece, with every stone fitting just perfectly in its own place, contributing to the big picture in it’s own special way.

  • Gems These are our half-day questers, roughly covering grades Pre-K-1, and ranging in age from 4-7. Gems are radiant, and the beauty of their inner nature can be easily seen just by looking at them. Gems are solid, but must be watched extra closely, and handled with utmost care.

  • Pebbles These are our full-day questers, roughly covering grades K-2, and ranging in age from 5-8. The youngest in the group are not quite as young as the youngest gems, and the oldest are just a little bit older. Pebbles are small, yet sturdy. They still rest comfortably in the palms of our hands. Pebbles have had a bit more experience out in the world, and a lot of the rough patches of very early childhood have been smoothed over. Pebbles come in many varieties, however, and it can be apparent that their shaping is still a work in progress. Pebbles are becoming more versatile, and can enjoy themselves in many different settings. For Pebbles, a shift occurs from many times standing alone to being seen with others often.  

  • Skipping Stones These are our questers in roughly 2nd-3rd grades, ranging in age from 6-10. Skipping stones are a bit bigger than pebbles, and like to spend some time in the palms of our hands, but also enjoy getting out and exploring, with an amazing amount of energy to contribute. Skipping stones are fairly uncomplicated and life is typically pretty smooth-sailing for them. They exude a simple beauty that can be even more appreciated when you take some time to get to know them and see what they can do.


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