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Ages 0-3 with caregiver

Ashlar Farm & Forest Mini and Me programs in Maple Valley, WA.

Join us at Lions Camp in Maple Valley, WA!   We're excited to offer this new Mommy and Me program along side our variety of
nature programs for kids in King County, WA.


We also have WHIMSY programs for ages 3-6 and ROOTS programs for ages 3-9!

Puddle Jumpers


Ages: 0-3 with caregiver


Thursdays 10:15am - 11:45am

Program Dates:

September 5, 2024 -  June 12, 2025

Location: Lions Camp, Maple Valley, WA

Cost: $1100 yearly per program day

         ($110 per month)

         $100 one-time Materials Fee


An all-outdoor forest Mini-and-Me program for children ages 0-3 and their caregiver that takes place on Autumn and Spring mornings in the peaceful setting of Lions Camp.

Share the joy of relaxation of nature with your little one and meet other like-minded caregivers. Spend 90 minutes learning to experience and appreciate the natural world through the eyes of your little one. Lions Camp is only minutes from The Little Red Barn, so families with preschoolers in FarmTime Whimsy have a chance to take advantage of this one-on-one connection time. Our program fosters early childhood development and is eco-friendly. Our Mentors will guide you and your child through various activities, such as sensory exploration, nature crafts, songs, stories, and games.  Puddle Jumpers will inspire you to incorporate the rhythms of nature into everyday life, while strengthening your bond with your child!

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