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2024 Summer Camp PROGRAMS

Dreamscape Adventures: Unlocking Creativity

This summer, we invite your child on a nature journey to explore the extraordinary, where reality and dreams intertwine, and where every moment holds the promise of wonder. Dreamscape Adventures will transport campers to a whimsical and enchanting world within our natural spaces, where creativity blossoms and imagination knows no bounds.



June 24-28, 2024​

Lions Camp, Maple Valley, WA

M-F 9:30am - 1:30pm

Cost: $380

DALL·E 2024-03-30 13.21.04 - Create a photo of an orange peel boat made by a 6-year-old ch

Dare to Create

Ages: 4-6


Embark on a journey of discovery with 'Dreamscape Adventures: Dare to Create STEAM Camp', a summer camp specially designed for children aged 4-6. In this 5 day nature based STEAM camp, children will engage in hands-on interactive activities designed to make them think outside the box. Projects will vary from miniature bug hotels to art made out of recycled materials, as the campers will create scientific experiments, learn about real world problems, and test their artistic abilities. At the end of the camp, children will be awarded with their very own STEAM mastery certificate to certify them as STEAM experts! While the specifics of each day's adventures may vary with our camp counselors’ innovative approaches, the essence of playful learning and creative exploration remains constant. Join us for a STEAM-filled week that sparks curiosity and imagination in every child! 

WEEK 2: MUSIC & Mindfulness

July 8-12, 2024

Lake Wilderness Arboretum, WA

M-F 9:30am - 1:30pm

Cost: $380

DALL·E 2024-03-30 13.30.35 - Create a realistic photo of a drum and maracas in the forest.


Ages: 3-6


Embark on a journey of sound, movement, and mindfulness with our 'Dreamscape Adventures: Rhythms and Reflections' summer camp for children ages 3-6. Each day offers a harmonious blend of music exploration, creative dance, and calming mindfulness activities, designed to unlock your child's creative potential. Our nurturing camp counselors guide young explorers through immersive experiences, from crafting their own musical instruments to participating in kid-friendly yoga sessions. This camp is an opportunity for children to express themselves freely, build confidence, and develop an appreciation for music and movement in a supportive environment. While the specific activities are subject to the creative touch of our camp counselors, the promise of an enriching, fun-filled week remains steadfast. Secure a spot for your little one in this melodious adventure!


WEEK 3: Dino Camp

July 15-19, 2024

Lions Camp, Maple Valley, WA

M-F 9:30am - 1:30pm

Cost: $380

DALL·E 2024-03-30 13.38.19 - Add tiny toy dinosaurs to the image of the sand volcano sculp


Ages: 4-6

Join us for a week of magical exploration into the prehistoric world with our 'Dreamscape Adventures: Prehistoric Explorations' summer camp. Designed for young adventurers aged 4-6, this camp is a journey back in time to the era of dinosaurs, and will involve a peek at volcanoes, too. Each day unfolds new mysteries through playful learning, arts and crafts, and imaginative play. Guided by our camp counselors, children will unlock their creativity, forge connections, and develop a deeper appreciation for nature's wonders, past and present. While the specific activities may vary as our camp counselors tailor the experience, the promise of fun, learning, and adventure remains constant. Sign up now for a summer your child will remember!


WEEK 4: Sci-Fi & Fantasy Week

July 22-26, 2024

Lake Wilderness Arboretum, WA

M-F 9:30am - 1:30pm

Cost: $380

DALL·E 2024-03-30 13.41.26 - Create a realistic photo of a nature journal, a hand-crafted

GALACTIC JOURNEY - **FULL** Waitlist available

Ages: 3-6

Embark on an enchanting journey with 'Dreamscape Adventures: Galactic Journey', a summer camp where imagination knows no bounds, specially designed for children aged 3-6. Throughout this magical week, young campers will dive into a world of fantasy and science fiction, from crafting wizard wands to building model rockets. Each day brings new adventures, encouraging creativity and exploration through storytelling, art, and playful role-playing. Our camp counselors are ready to guide these young adventurers through intergalactic travels and enchanted realms, adapting each activity to inspire and captivate. While specific activities might evolve with the camp counselor's creative flair, the essence of adventure, wonder, and joyful discovery is ever-present. Join us for a week of fantastical fun and creative exploration!


Ages: 7-10

Embark on an epic journey with 'Dreamscape Adventures: Fantasy Chronicles', a summer camp for children aged 7-10, where imagination meets creativity. Throughout this fantastical week, young explorers will delve into sci-fi and fantasy realms, crafting their unique characters, mythical creatures, and galactic explorations. Each day's adventure will be documented in their personal 'Fantasy Quest Journal,' weaving together stories, sketches, and creations into a vibrant portfolio. Guided by our creative camp counselors, campers will bring their imaginative worlds to life, culminating in a grand showcase for families. While the specifics of the journey may be as varied as our camp counselors’ creativity, the promise of an unforgettable adventure in storytelling and artistic expression is guaranteed. Prepare for a week of magical exploration and creative chronicles!


Ages: 11-15


Dive into the realms of imagination with 'Dreamscape Adventures: Epic Realms', a summer camp designed for young enthusiasts aged 11-15. This camp merges the excitement of sci-fi and fantasy with the art of storytelling, drawing inspiration from popular books and movies like 'Harry Potter', 'Star Wars', and 'The Lord of the Rings'. Over five days, campers will craft their own worlds, characters, and epic tales, guided by the rich tapestry of existing fantastical universes. Our camp counselors will foster creativity and exploration, encouraging campers to weave their narratives and construct detailed projects. While specific activities and references will evolve with our camp counselors' innovative approaches, the spirit of adventure and creative expression remains a constant. Join us for a journey into uncharted territories of imagination!



July 29 - AUGUST 2, 2024


Lake Wilderness Arboretum & St. George Episcopal Church

M-F 9:30am - 1:30pm

Cost: $380

DALL·E 2024-03-30 13.48.50 - Create a realistic photo of nature-based artwork done by teen


Ages: 7-10


Explore the vibrant world of art with 'Dreamscape Adventures: Creative Canvas', a summer camp for young artists aged 7-10. Throughout this immersive week, campers will dive into a myriad of artistic projects, from emotion-driven painting and nature-inspired art to innovative upcycled creations and captivating 3D sculptures. Guided by skilled camp couonselors, each day presents a new medium to explore, fostering creativity and self-expression in a nurturing environment. While the specifics of each day's activities may vary with the camp counselor's creative approach, the essence of artistic discovery and joyful creation is a constant. Join us for a colorful adventure in the artful world of Dreamscape Adventures!


Ages: 11-15


Unleash your creativity with 'Dreamscape Adventures: Artistic Explorations', a summer camp tailored for young artists aged 11-15. This camp is a canvas of opportunity, inviting campers to dive into a variety of artistic disciplines from mixed media and sculpture to digital art and textile crafts. Guided by skilled camp counselors, each day offers a new medium to explore, encouraging campers to express themselves through a diverse range of materials and techniques. While nurturing individual artistic styles, this camp fosters an environment of creative freedom and innovation. The specifics of each day's activities may evolve with the camp counselor's unique approach, but the essence of artistic discovery and self-expression is a constant. Join us for a week of artistic adventure and see where your imagination takes you!


WEEK 6: Wilderness Week

AUGUST 5-9, 2024

Lions Camp, Maple Valley, WA

M-F 9:30am - 1:30pm

Cost: $380

DALL·E 2024-03-30 14.00.30 - Create a realistic photo of a compass and binoculars on a tre


Ages: 4-6


Join us on a thrilling journey with 'Dreamscape Adventures: Wild World Rescue', a unique summer camp for children aged 4-6. This week-long adventure combines fun with learning, as we dive into the world of endangered species through hands-on activities, creative play, and engaging puzzles. Our young explorers will develop basic wilderness skills, participate in exciting scavenger hunts, and learn about animal conservation in a playful, immersive environment. Guided by our imaginative camp counselors, each day presents new challenges and discoveries, fostering a love for nature and a spirit of adventure. While the camp's specific activities may vary as our camp counselors infuse their personal flair, the essence of exploration, creativity, and environmental stewardship remains constant. Sign up for a week of unforgettable wildlife adventure!



Ages: 7-10


Embark on a berry-filled adventure with 'Dreamscape Adventures: Berried Treasures', a summer camp designed for curious explorers aged 7-10. Over the course of a week, campers will delve into the world of Pacific Northwest berries, learning about safe foraging, wilderness skills, and the natural environment. Through interactive activities like berry foraging, art projects, and science exploration, children will cultivate a deeper understanding and appreciation of nature. Each day brings new experiences, from map reading and compass skills to creating delicious berry snacks. Our experienced camp counselors guide these young adventurers, ensuring a blend of education, creativity, and fun. While specific activities may vary, the essence of discovery, respect for nature, and joyful learning is a constant in this unique berry-themed journey. Join us for a summery week of wild berry adventures!


Ages: 11-15


Step into the great outdoors with 'Dreamscape Adventures: Wilderness Challenge', a summer camp designed for young adventurers aged 11-15. This camp is a journey into wilderness skills, where each day unlocks new aspects of outdoor survival and environmental understanding. From orienteering and shelter building to foraging and fire-making, campers will learn vital skills in a hands-on, engaging environment. Our camp counselors will guide these budding naturalists through practical challenges and creative projects, blending skill mastery with a deep appreciation for nature. While the specifics of each day's activities are left to the camp counselor's expertise, the essence of adventure, learning, and environmental stewardship is a guarantee. Join us for an unforgettable week of wilderness exploration!



August 9-10, 2024​

Lions Camp, Maple Valley, WA

Fri-Sat 5pm-11am

Cost: $150 per family


DALL·E 2024-03-30 14.15.43 - Create a re




Escape to the great outdoors with 'Dreamscape Adventures: Starlit Wilderness Escape', a unique overnight camping experience for families with children of all ages. From 5 PM on Friday to 11 AM on Saturday, immerse your family in a world of nature and creativity. Enjoy activities like interactive nature walks, an outdoor cooking session, and stargazing with likeminded families. The evening culminates with a cozy campfire gathering, perfect for storytelling and s’mores. Wake up to a tranquil morning with sunrise yoga followed by a campfire breakfast and a reflective art activity, creating a beautiful keepsake. While specific activities may be tailored by our camp counselors, the essence of connection, exploration, and family fun remains at the heart of this wilderness adventure. Join us for a memorable overnight stay that combines the joy of camping with the magic of creativity!

2024 Summer Camp Enrollment Information

For All Summer Camps:​

Children will need to bring a backpack with a water bottle and sack lunch. 

They will need to wear sturdy shoes and we recommend a sun hat.

Please apply any preferred sunscreen and/or bug spray before dropping off.

Your child may be wet/muddy at pick-up. Please plan accordingly.


We incorporate both guided learning and unstructured play time each day

We work to create camps that will provide the perfect balance between novel information and guided experiences for children to elaborate upon based on their individual skills and abilities and supervised but unstructured time to play out those new concepts and skills, explore, and develop friendships.


Camps will begin promptly at the times listed

If you arrive early, please feel welcome to wait in your car or explore our natural areas with your child, giving our camp counselors space to prepare for the day's session before greeting your child at the start time.

Waitlists Are Available!

Please fill out the application below to begin the registration process or add your child to the waitlist, and we will contact you shortly to complete registration, or to let you know you are on the  waitlist for if a spot opens up!

Summer Camp Payment Policy:

Each summer camp is $380. All programs run 4 hours per day, 5 days per week. Payment is due upon registration in order to reserve placement in a program. Of this payment, $100 is a non-refundable retainer.


Cancelations three or more weeks prior to the program start date will receive the remainder ($280) as a refund.  In the event of a program cancelation, Ashlar will notify families three weeks prior to the program start date and issue a full refund, including the retainer ($380).

Learn more about our 2024-25 Programs!

Summer Camp Application
2024 Summer Camp Application

Please select summer camps you are interested in below.

If you aren't sure, we are happy to help you find the best fit!

1. STEAM WEEK - Lions Camp - June 24-28
2. Rhythms & Reflections - LW Arboretum - July 8-12
3. Prehistoric Explorations - Lions Camp - July 15-19
4. Sci-Fi & Fantasy Week - LW Arboretum - July 22-26
5. Arts & Crafts Week - Little Red Barn - July 30-Aug 2
6. Wilderness Week - Lions Camp - Aug 5-9
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