Director's Welcome

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On behalf of the Ashlar team, I'd like to welcome you to The Ashlar Way. Our educational and developmental philosophies focus on nurturing the whole child to their fullest individual potential. We value different ways of thinking and being, and we encourage creative expression. Together, our community is working to build an environment of growth and inclusion for our children today, that will turn out adults tomorrow who are lifelong learners, confident in who they are, and passionate about what they do. Come, work in our studios and walk in our woods. Add your voice to ours and we'll all sing a song not yet heard before. We'd love to have you here.


Chondra Norman, Director

Meet Our Team

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Chondra Norman

Ashlar's Founder and Director

Ally Gouk

Master Mentor

MTW Mornings

Amanda Vallen

Associate Mentor

MTW Mornings

Marie & Patrick Metz

Farmers, Metz Meadows Owners

Janet Sathern

Master Mentor

ThFri Afternoons

Anne Todd

Associate Mentor

ThFri Afternoons,

School Photographer

Tour Our Studios

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Ages 3-12 : Now Open!


Welcome to

The Ashlar Way