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Erica Boismenu

Associate Mentor

Erica's belief in the whole-child approach and her passion for holistic development and education brought her to Ashlar. The Ashlar Way espouses that "all children deserve to be treated with respect, to live happy and fulfilling lives, and to be encouraged in the pursuit of their purpose". Erica is deeply committed to that end, and is grateful to be part of such an inspired, connected team - mentors and questors alike - who live curiously and creatively.


Erica earned her B.A. in English Literature from University of Oregon, where extensive studies in film and anthropology expanded and informed Erica's understanding of the ways in which art and the human experience intersect. Erica considers herself a children's literacy advocate, always seeking ways to foster, facilitate, and deepen a love of reading so that young minds may engage, explore, and understand themselves and the world around them.


Erica has years of professional experience in administration, marketing, communications, development, and the nonprofit sector. In 2017, she became a certified holistic health coach and recently developed a literary blog for children and families that focuses on whole-child development and education, ecological education, and holistic living, primarily through children's books. She currently serves as board chair for the play-based, cooperative preschool her daughter attends.


Erica has always been attuned to the inherent spirituality of children, and attributes the birth of her daughter and becoming a mother to deepening this attunement. She is presently applying to Columbia University Teachers College, where she hopes to earn a Master of Arts degree in Psychology and Education, with a concentration in Spirituality and Mind-Body Practice, from The Spirituality Mind Body Institute.


Erica loves acting and directing in community theatre, reading, music, film, cooking, gardening, herbalism, spiritual ecology, and environmentalism. Much of her free time is enjoyed outdoors; if she could, she would spend hours at the local library. She is fascinated by Reiki and other forms of energy healing, and has a deep reverence for the Sun and the Moon. Throughout the past two years she has been meaning to "get back to [her] yoga practice".


Above all else, Erica cherishes her relationships with loved ones - family and friends - and living simply. She is, and always will be, a dreamer and an optimist.

Photo Credit: Sienna Renee Photograhy

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