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Janet Sathern

Forest Program LEAF
Advising Mentor

   I am a science teacher by training and a homeschool mom to my just turned ten year old daughter. I grew up in San Diego and the beauty of the area instilled in me a love of the outdoors and especially the ocean and marine life. I got my teaching certification from SPU in 2005 and a Masters in Teaching also from SPU in 2007. My endorsements are Biology and General Science. My favorite class was a Marine Botany class held on Blakely Island, WA. 

     I like sailing and camping with my family. My husband is an avid fisherman, so my daughter and I often go along to be out in nature. I have enjoyed working with children since my college days because it is so rewarding to invest in their lives. I love being a teacher, I am always learning something new along with the children.

Photo Credit: Sienna Renee Photograhy

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