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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday


Grades K-8


Bee & Thistle Farm



Monthly Tuition: $215


Register by the day. Each day includes enrichment opportunities in the following subjects, along with opportunities to enjoy unstructured outdoor time with peers, which includes time with Bee & Thistle's friendly farm animals. Garden-based lunch and a snack are provides.


Musical & Art Exploration

For the musical portion of this class, Questers will have the opportunity to learn a bit of music theory (or improve upon their existing knowledge), begin to play a musical instrument (or practice existing skills), and perform for their families at the end of the year.

The art enrichment will include aspects of art technique, as well as art history and art appreciation. Questers will be encouraged to explore their creativity, and express themselves uniquely, while an instructor offers guidance and invites them to participate in specific projects as they learn.


Hands on History & Foreign Language Lab

Questers will engage in fun learning projects while learning history! Much of the year will be devoted to US History & Geography, ending with a learning unit that dives into Washington state history.

The foreign language lab will be learning (or practicing) German. Those who are new to German, as well as those who have some experience speaking and/or hearing and/or reading it, are all welcome.



Once Upon A Wednesday (Drama, Literature & Creative Writing)

Questers will spend part of these creative afternoons exploring and appreciating literary works, will have the opportunity to expand on their creative writing abilities, and will work on their theater skills. The final class project for the year will be a class play, performed by the children for their families.



These afternoons will be spent exploring, discovering, and creating, all during exciting project-based learning invitations that involve Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Some days may incorporate all 4 aspects of STEM, and other days will focus more on one or two of them. Overall, Questers will journey together to a deeper understanding of our amazing world, while learning and creating new ways to engage with it.

At Ashlar, we believe that all families should have access to our programs regardless of income. We are now able to offer financial assistance for our Nature-Based Academic programs, at a rate of $185/month for those families who need it. Please contact us to inquire about this rate. We also believe in the power of our community to support one another. If you would like to contribute an additional monthly amount to support our financial assistance program, there is an option to do so when you click the link below to register.

Pre-Register: Nature-Based Academics

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