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Mon & Tue


Ages 4 - 12



Fall Camp Session



Winter at Lake Wilderness



Spring Camp Session



Monthly Tuition: $340


Sunrays: a cohort for ages 4-6


Swallowtails: a cohort for ages 7-9


Starlings: a cohort for ages 10-12


Friends of the Forest consists of 3 seasonal afternoon sessions for homeschoolers: Fall Session at Lions Camp, Winter Session at The Arboretum at Lake Wilderness, and Spring Session at Lions Camp. Tuition is paid only for the 7 months in which program sessions occur (September, October, January, February, April, May and June).

In addition to having ample time to connect with nature and explore the great outdoors with their peers, Questers will learn wilderness skills, plant and animal identification, environmental care, and more. Ratios are 1:4. Cohorts will sometimes split off to engage in more age-specific activities.

Garden-based snacks are provided.

Pre-Register: Friends of the Forest

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