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Farm Programs

Ashlar's preschool and homeschool programs in Maple Valley, WA.

Join us at The Little Red Barn in Maple Valley, WA!
We offer a variety of farm programs for kids ages 3-14 in King County, WA!


BarnYard Connections

Indoor/Outdoor Homeschool Enrichment

for Ages 7-12

  • Wed, Thu & Fri 9am-12p

  • Runs from Sept 6 - May 24, 2024

  • The Little Red Barn Studios in Maple Valley, WA

  • 6:1 Child-to-mentor ratio

  • 1st half outdoors, 2nd half indoors, overlapping outdoor time with FarmTime Friendships

  • Monthly tuition: $600


FarmTime Friendships

Indoor/outdoor preschool

for ages 3-6

  • Wed, Thu & Fri 8:50am-11:50am

  • Runs from Sept 6 - May 24, 2024

  • The Little Red Barn Studios in Maple Valley, WA

  • 6:1 Child-to-mentor ratio

  • 1st half indoors, 2nd half outdoors, overlapping outdoor time with BarnYard Connections

  • Monthly tuition: $600


Farmers in Training

Indoor/Outdoor Homeschool Enrichment

for Ages 3-12


  • Fri 1-4pm

  • Runs from Sept 6 - May 24, 2024

    The Little Red Barn Studios in Maple Valley, WA

  • 5:1 Child-to-mentor ratio

  • Monthly tuition: $200

“Community is much more than belonging to something; it's about doing something together that makes belonging matter.” ~Brian Solis

If you

  • Thrive in an environment of movement and interaction

  • Have a love for animals and and farm life

  • Value stewardship and community involvement 

  • Appreciate the unique gifts each child can contribute

  • Hope to build meaningful connections with peers

Join us at Ashlar's Farm Programs!

Our Farm Programs are designed to nurture the nurturer in your child. Whether they are tending the garden or tending the animals, your budding farmer will blossom into a caring advocate who understands how to work for sustainability, learning age appropriate concepts about how to care for the earth and animals which provide our nourishment.


Children spend time engaged in real farm activities, such as providing fresh water for our ducks, gathering eggs from our hens, spending quality time with our pigs so they don't get bored or lonely, and caring for baby animals in the spring. Inside our cozy barn studio, we engage in songs and games, and have ample time to work creatively alongside our peers.


Each day includes time to run and play in our fully fenced, 5-acre farmyard, offering many opportunities to build relationships, practice social skills, work on large motor movements, and more. Art, music, and literary exploration are incorporated into all of our farm programs, as are natural opportunities to build number skills and other skills through real life projects which require counting, measuring, etc.




All-outdoor preschool and homeschool programs

Ages 3-14

Maple Valley, WA




Indoor/Outdoor preschool and homeschool enrichment programs

Ages 3-12 

 Maple Valley, WA




Indoor/Outdoor homeschool academic enrichment programs

Ages 5-14 

 Maple Valley, WA


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