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Scholarships Now Available

Ashlar is now offering a limited number of partial scholarships! Three particular scholarships have become available, to address three specific scenarios:

1) The Recent Life-Changing Event Scholarship will be awarded to a family who is experiencing a significant life-changing event with financial strain that would make paying full tuition at Ashlar a financial hardship for the family.

2) The Neurodiversity Scholarship will be awarded to a child who has a unique way of experiencing the world, particularly one which would cause significant barriers to the child’s educational, mental, and/or emotional well-being in a traditional educational setting.

3)The Future of Ashlar Cooperative Scholarship will be awarded to a family who firmly believes in the vision and values of Ashlar, as demonstrated by their willingness to support Ashlar through some identifiable means.

Scholarship applications are due by July 15, 2019. Get the application here.

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