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Sample Daily Rhythm:

8:15 Arrival & Transitioning Invitations

8:35 Welcoming Circle

8:55 Nutrition Break (indoors)

9:15 Indoor Exploration

10:00 Gear Up

10:15 Outdoor Exploration

11:00 Story Time with Nutrition Break (outdoors)

11:20 Community Stewardship Responsibilities

11:40 Closing Circle

11:45 See you tomorrow!

Gems Studio

Ages 4-7, half-day
2-Day, 3-Day, and 5-Day Options

Description: Our Gems Studio is a multi-age, half-day kindergarten program, offering holistic education with ample outdoor learning opportunities. Our indoor/outdoor studio is set on a farm, where the children can care for chickens, tend the gardens, and play in the woods. In the cozy classroom, they are surrounded by craft supplies to create with, wonderful children's books to explore, and other age appropriate learning opportunities. They do all of this while quite naturally learning more about themselves, the people they are connected to, and the world we share.

Ages: Children who are ages 4-7 on January 1, 2020 are eligible to apply for Gems Studio for the 2019/20 school year.

Rhythm: The classroom rhythm is set in a particular order, for familiarity. At the same time, the exact timing tends to be more flexible, bending with the needs of the children.


Ratio: The Gems Studio has 2 wonderful, nurturing, and highly skilled Mentors (a Lead Mentor and an Associate Mentor), and a maximum of 12 young Questers.

Studio Hours: Morning Gems Studio: 8:15-11:45

                         Afternoon Gems Studio: 12:30-4:00

Location:  Just 15 minutes from Maple Valley's 4 corners, our Gems Studio is located at Metz Meadows, a lovely wooded farm on a sparkling creek in the Auburn Valley.

Tuition Rates {All-Inclusive}: 

5 Days (17.5 hrs/wk)(Mon-Fri): $820/month

3 Days (10.5 hrs/wk)(Mon,Tue,Wed): $520/month

2 Days (7 hrs/wk)(Thur,Fri): $335/month

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