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Our tuition is all-inclusive.



From APPLICATION to GRADUATION, the tuition price we list covers all expenses for the year.

We offer peace of mind, knowing that our complete cost is summed into tuition and revealed upfront.

We will not charge you with additional fees or ask you to fund-raise for us.

For anything. All year long.


Our all-inclusive tuition covers:

Application Fees

The cost of processing your application is included.


All textbooks and other curriculum supplies are included.


Wholesome snacks (and meals for full-day studios) are included.

garden tools.jpg
Garden Tools

The cost to purchase and maintain gardening tools, as well as all other outdoor supplies, is included.

field trips.png
Field Trips
studio supplies.png
Studio Supplies

All supplies in the indoor studio, from microscopes to paintbrushes, from purchasing puzzles to maintaining the rugs they are spread upon, are included

guest speaker.jpg

The cost of 1 yearbook per family for those enrolled at least 5 months is included.

Any costs related to field trips, including tickets and transportation, are included.

Special Guests

Guest speakers, specialized instructors, and other special guests are covered by the costs included in tuition.

Theater Productions
Ceremonies & Celebrations

Food, decorations, certificates, etc. are all included in the cost of tuition.

Costumes, props, etc. for the performances put on by the children twice a year are included.

whole child.jpg
An exceptional education that nurtures whole-child development

This tuition covers the salaries of our specialized mentors, along with all of the supplies and experiences listed above, to deliver a truly exceptional education that prioritizes nurturing the development of the whole child. We keep our ratios very low. For example, our maximum for our youngest questers is 1:4!

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