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Marble Studio

Morning Program for Ages 3-12
3-Day Morning or 2-Day Afternoon Options

Description: Our Marble Studio is a multi-age morning program, offering holistic education in a one-room schoolhouse environment, with ample outdoor learning opportunities. Our indoor/outdoor studio is set on a farm, where the children can care for chickens, tend the gardens, and play in the woods. In the cozy indoor studio, they are surrounded by craft supplies to create with, wonderful children's books to explore, and other age appropriate learning opportunities. They do all of this while quite naturally learning more about themselves, the people they are connected to, and the world we share. This program works well for families seeking child-lead and play-based learning for preschool, half-day kindergarten, and/or homeschool supplemental.

Ages: Children who are ages 3-12 are eligible to apply for the Marble Studio.

Rhythm: The classroom rhythm is set in a particular order, for familiarity. At the same time, the exact timing tends to be more flexible, bending with the needs of the children.


Ratio: The Marble Studio has 2 wonderful, nurturing, and highly skilled Mentors (a Master Mentor and an Associate Mentor), and a maximum of 12 young Questers.

Studio Hours: 9am-12pm


Location:  Our Marble Studio is located at Metz Meadows, a lovely wooded farm on a sparkling creek in the Green River Valley. We are in Auburn, 15 minutes from Maple Valley's Four Corners, 7 minutes from Black Diamond's Ten Trails, 5 minutes from Flaming Geyser.

Marble Tuition Rates: 

5 Days** (15 hrs/wk)(Mon-Fri): $760/month

3 Days* (9 hrs/wk)(Mon,Tue,Wed): $440/month

2 Days** (6 hrs/wk)(Thur,Fri): $280/month

Drop-In Rates: 

$40/day ($15 annual registration fee per child)

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Simple Daily Rhythm:

9:00 Arrival & Opening Invitations

       Children are greeted at the door, stow coats, shoes, etc. in cubbies, put on some slippers, and choose a quiet activity such as reading or puzzles while friends arrive. Each quester must be signed in upon arrival.

9:15 Welcoming Circle

         Gathering and sharing- a time to practice listening and critical thinking, beginning with a familiar song, chant, verse or phrase. A question is asked. A story or poem might be read. Stories from the weekend or the night before are shared.

9:30 Indoor Exploration

          Questers have the opportunity to explore and create using the materials in the studio. Many times, the activities will organically branch off of the questions or challenges posed during the welcoming circle. Mentors are engaged and available for guidance as the children ask questions and discover answers.

10:00 Nutrition Break

          A simple, healthy snack is provided. Sitting together to share in eating provides another opportunity to connect. Questers may have a lot to talk about on their own. Other times, a story or poem might be read, along with invitations to reflect. Occasionally, it will feel nice to just eat together, silently.

10:30 Outdoor Exploration

          Questers interact with the chickens, observe change in the gardens, engage in free play, learn new games, enjoy some old favorites, and generally remain active and curious on 15 acres of farm and forest. The children choose their activities as groups so that our 2 mentors can maintain eyesight of all questers at all times.

11:10 Stump Circle

          Another time for gathering and sharing. This is a time for fun songs, stories, and circle games such as telephone, circle stories, guessing games, joke telling, and more. The spirit of the stump circle is collaborative and joyful.

11:30 Community Stewardship Responsibilities

          The focus here is on working as a community to keep our space beautiful and our resources cared for. Children may have specific tasks, such as weeding in the garden, gathering eggs, or sweeping the patio. Mentors and Questers work together to define what work needs to be done.

11:50 Closing Circle

          A moment together to reflect on the day's activities before heading home. Children gather backpacks to prepare to head home. A familiar song is shared before departure. (Parents can choose to participate.)

12:00 Sign Out 

          All questers must be signed out before departure. Mentors wish questers well until we meet together again.


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