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Mid-Winter Break Field-Trips Camp

Let's Explore Our Local State Parks!


February 21st through 23rd, 10 AM - 2 PM


This program is designed for children, ages 5-10.


Ashlar is taking its program to trek-worthy terrain during Mid-Winter break, when our young explorers will venture out to experience the beauty and wonder of our local state parks!


We invite Questers to join us for three days of amusement and adventure. We will enjoy stories, songs, games, nature-themed art and science activities, freedom to explore forested land near lakes and rivers, birdwatching, and opportunities to develop some wilderness skills. Questers will also be equipped with their very own adventure kits!


Each day will hold new possibilities: conversations about conservation and preservation, ecological education, as well as lessons on plant identification, foraging, and animal tracking. We will delve into geography and geology to better understand the unique characteristics each place, each park, possesses. We will dig into historical and cultural heritage, how American Indian/Indigenous cultures have both been shaped by, and shaped, the land and surrounding region. 


We will carve out space for stillness and silence, reflecting on our connection to nature and the majesticness in every seemingly small moment spent there.


Be sure to make room for one more - a little bird told us we might receive a visit from a forest ranger!


Program Schedule:

Monday, 2/21 - Flaming Geyser State Park

Tuesday, 2/22 - Nolte State Park

Wednesday, 2/23 - Kanaskat-Palmer State Park


Participants bring their own lunches, backpacks, water bottles, outdoor/rain gear (including apparel/accessories for colder weather), waterproof boots/hiking shoes, and change of clothes.


Meet Us There!

Drop-off and pick-up will be at the corresponding state park each day.


Discover Pass not required for drop-off/pick-up only.


Discover Pass or day-use pass is required to park at and/or visit WSP.


For more information and/or to purchase a Discover Pass, visit


Cost is $180 per child

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