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We nurture whole-child development and individualized learning by embracing curiosity, creativity, and connection. 

Ashlar Farm & Forest Programs for the

Upcoming School Year (2020/2021)

For Ages 3-7 and 8-12

Ratio: 1:6

Early Birds: 8am-9am, outdoor freeplay + Ashlar provides a simple breakfast such as hot cereal, hard-boiled eggs, toast, muffins, fruit & yogurt, granola, etc.

Morning Farm & Forest Program: CONTACT US TO CHECK AVAILABILITY! 9am-Noon MTW, 50% inside the cozy studio, 50% outside on 15 acres of farm and forest, includes snack. Please see our current program for a sample of what each morning looks like.

Lunch: Noon-12:30pm, sack lunch from home is eaten outdoors when weather permits, otherwise in the studio. Lunch program can be tacked onto either morning or afternoon program.

Afternoon Farm & Forest Program: FULLY ENROLLED. 12:30pm-3:30pm ThFri, 50% inside the cozy studio, 50% outside on 15 acres of farm and forest, includes snack. Please see our current program for a sample of what each afternoon would look like.

All Outdoor Afternoons: CONTACT US TO CHECK AVAILABILITY! 1:00pm-4:000pm MonTue, 100% outside on 15 acres of farm and forest, includes snack. Our creative mentors develop an emergent curriculum built upon the skills and interests of the children in the program.

After Owls: 3:30pm-5pm, outdoor freeplay and optional clubs in the studio for an additional charge as they become available. Potential opportunities might include such interests as Art Club, Music Club, Theater Club, Poetry Club, Numbers Club, etc.

We Are Hiring On-Call Mentors (substitute teachers)

Our Re-Opening Statement Regarding Covid-19 


Experts around the world are recommending that the healthiest ways for schools to re-open is with small cohorts and plenty of time in the wide open outdoors. Ashlar has always offered these! We are currently enrolling for fall programs. We plan to re-open on September 9, 2020. Your child's social and emotional well-being is important to us, as well as their physical health. We will follow the guidelines put forth by the department of health for programs like ours, and develop procedures necessary to allow our children to learn and grow in an environment where they can connect with mentors and peers. At times, we may need to modify our programs, such as limiting drop-ins or enacting other policies to keep cohorts small and without intermingling, to allow these healthy connections to continue. Although there is some degree of uncertainty, we encourage you to look to the future with optimism and  register for whichever programs you would love to be involved in. Rest assured, registration fees will be fully refunded for any programs that are cancelled, and tuition rates will be pro-rated for any programs that are placed on hold for any part of the school year.


Thank you for your patience as we all learn to navigate these circumstances.

Welcome to Ashlar!

The Ashlar Way is a holistic approach to education and development, built on the premise that every person has, within themselves, all that they need to succeed.


Our purpose is to nurture that potential.

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Reviews & Testimonials


In recent reviews, families within our community have reported being extremely satisfied with Ashlar Farm & Forest Programs, and have rated Ashlar as a 5-star organization, adding to the positive feedback we receive from the larger community surrounding us, as well. Here are some of the amazing thoughts and experiences that have been shared.

"I have seen my very reserved child open up, make a good friend, and she now warms up to new people more easily. Best of all, she has a great time, both indoors and outdoors! There are very fun and creative projects that she enjoys every week." ~An Ashlar Parent

"My child's OT and speech therapist are both impressed by the progress my child has made since starting at Ashlar. They recommend enrolling for as long as we can!" ~An Ashlar Parent

"It’s an absolute pleasure to watch these Questers learn and grow in the studio and in nature in ways they don't typically get to in a traditional school setting. These things aren’t taught any other way except doing, and it’s quite magical for me to witness these children out in nature learning from the world in such a natural way. As an educator, I have seen it all and this is a blessing and gift for these children to be outside learning with their whole selves."  ~Melissa Tomlinson, Ashlar Mentor

"Chondra Norman is a tender visionary who upholds the educational rights of all children and values that each child comes bearing a creative purpose that must be fostered and protected, by all means necessary. Ashlar's programs are full of respect, integrity, and the belief that all young children are capable and competent citizens and community members." ~Sarah Schumacher, Local Early Childhood Educator and Community Program Builder

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