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FOR 2024-2025!


It's almost SUMMER TIME!

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2024 summer camps!

Ashlar Farm and Forest Programs in Maple Valley, WA.

Our nature-based enrichment programs nurture whole-child development and individualized learning by embracing curiosity, creativity, and connection.

Welcome to The Ashlar Way. Our educational and developmental philosophies focus on nurturing the whole child to their fullest individual potential. We value different ways of thinking and being, and we encourage creative expression. Together, our community is working to build an environment of growth and inclusion for our children to become lifelong learners, confident in who they are, and passionate about what they do. 

Explore our programs for 2024/2025:

24-25 Programs

Our Philosophy

Nature helps each of us grow.

We believe that all children deserve to be treated with respect, to live happy and fulfilling lives, and to be encouraged to explore their skills and passions in a natural environment. Nature helps develop awareness of the needs of the world around us, and our own participation in it.

It is our responsibility to support children in a way that builds their skills and esteem so that they can experience the success of living their unique individual potential.

This is The Ashlar Way.


Contact Us

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You can also reach us by email and text/voicemail:

Email: Text or VM: 425-444-7871

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