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Mon thru Thur Mornings

Ages 4 - 6



Learning Center & Arboretum

Sept - June


Monthly Tuition: $756


Let's put the kinder (children) back in the garden! This is a nature-based, half-day, multi-age alternative to kindergarten. Children will be provided with opportunities to learn academic subjects at their own pace. Utilizing a nature-based academic curriculum, Mentors will invite children to discover the wonders of their world in hands-on, creative, exploratory ways. Like all of our programs, Pebbles KinderGarden is designed to nurture whole-child development, inviting Questers to pursue their curiosities and passions, introducing new concepts in a way that keeps the joy of learning alive. No worksheets. No homework. No pressure.

Questers begin their morning in the cozy KinderGarden studio at our Learning Center in Maple Valley, where they enjoy circle time, a variety of guided learning activities, and a yoga & snack break. About halfway through the morning, they walk to our Outdoor Classroom at Lake Wilderness Park, where they are invited to enjoy a nature lesson, followed by 1 hour of unstructured (but well supervised) outdoor play. This is vital to early childhood development! The last 30 minutes are spent enjoying a picnic lunch (sack lunches sent from home). Families may join the picnic at any time, if they choose. The morning ends with our daily goodbyes and the children are free to go home and rest up for another morning of fun the following day.

Children may be 4, 5, or 6 years old on September 1. Ratios are 1:6 indoors and 1:4 outside. There are a maximum of 12 children in this program.



Pre-Registration: Pebbles

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