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This camp is over. Please join us at camp in 2024!


Lions Camp, Monday-Friday, 11am-3pm, Ages 10-14. Let's get back to basics! An "Element" is essential. It is the purest substance, the simplest principle of a subject of study, a part or aspect of something abstract, and a component or constituent of a whole. We will explore, well, EVERYTHING in its simplest, foundational form in order to deepen our understanding of ourselves, our relationships, our ecosystems, and the Universe. 

Participants of this camp will be in the company of: Earth; Water; Fire; Air; Space; Light; Dark; Shamans; Healers; Sages; Mathematicians; Chemists; Physicists; Cosmologists; Geologists; Ecologists; Conservationists; Yogis; Philosophers; and, Theologians!

We will apply our keen intuition of how the Universe operates to our own lives - deriving new meaning and purpose, perhaps - to achieve more harmony and balance. Most importantly, we will cultivate gratitude for SIMPLICITY, and greater awareness of the wonder and awe contained in each small thing, which we are primed to preserve and protect.

Conservation of Elements Camp

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