Wondering about our logo?

We're happy to explain what it symbolizes!

  • The pencil is a basic tool used to begin any creative endeavor.

  • The tree depicts our connection with nature.

  • The fact that the pencil stems from the tree is no accident!

  • There are 3 main parts of the trunk, because we nurture 3 parts of the child: Head, Heart, and Hands (or mind, body, soul).

  • The branches look like people, who are connected at the trunk, because we value the community that we are and the common goals that we strive for.

  • The 7 leaves stand for the 7 intelligence potentials: academic, social, emotional, physical, spiritual, creative, and artistic.

  • Green symbolizes healthy growth, and brown is as strong and reliable as the earth itself. We strive to be a reliable source of strength that promotes healthy growth in our children.


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The Ashlar Way